Flying Home

6 Dec

I did not sleep well the morning of our flight, because of the chocolate.  I woke up about 4:15 a.m. and then I woke up Marlene.  She got upset, but quickly got over it.   We showered, finished packing, and ate our breakfast.  The taxi came on time, but we were a few minutes late.  The hotel clerk helped load up the taxi and the female taxi drove us to the airport.  It was about 7 a.m. at the airport.  No one was at the British Airways desk.  About 7:15 the desk opened. We were told then the security workers were on strike.  We made it through.  A woman who was flying to Toronto helped us find our plane.  We were on our way.  I must confess the plane food was good.


When we arrived at Heathrow, we know how difficult it was going to be to make our connecting flight, but we quickly found out.  We arrived near Terminal 5.  A bus took us to the terminal.  We had to carry our carry-on luggage.   We then took another bus to Terminal 3.  An hour had passed and we still had not gone through security.  At Terminal 3, security decided to check through everything Marlene carried on.  This was all her photography equipment she did not use.  The supervisor called ahead, so our plane would wait for us.  After checking our luggage, we hurried as fast as we could to get to our plane.  We finally made it.  After two hours going through Heathrow, we had a long flight ahead of us.  Again the food on the plane was good.  I don’t remember how long the flight was.  I’m guessing it was about 10 hours.


A couple of days before we were to fly home, Marlene suggested perhaps we should spend our first night back near the airport.  From Lisbon, I made the reservation.  While we had some wait for our luggage at LAX, once we were outside, we only had a short wait before the bus took us to airport.  The next day, we had a slow day getting home.  The house was in good order.  In all the years traveling with Marlene, this is the only year that we came home without any problems except for poor, sick TJ.  TJ was sick.  He was infested with fleas.  He had chewed himself raw while we were gone.

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