Last Day in Lisbon

5 Nov

In the afternoon of our last day in Lisbon, our two young friends took us to a rather small restaurant, which was about a100 years old. The building, which housed the restaurant, was to be torn down in three days and was to be replaced with a new hotel. For sentimental reasons, our two friends wished to eat there one last time. We ate some fish, which was too salty for my palate. Our two friends left us. Marlene and I walked along the streets sightseeing, which was near the Elevador de Santa Justa. One of the attached photos is of the elevator and another is of the Praca do Comercio.
In the evening our two friends made us dinner. Chico picked up at the airport his favorite girl and she had dinner with us. She is a set designer for motion pictures. I found her quite entertaining. She at one point made fun of the American management notion of “thinking outside the box” by saying, “Jorge thinks inside the box,” that she was “the queen of the box,” and that “Chico didn’t know what the box was.” She also made the observation, when Chico and Jorge were arguing that the two of them were acting like a married couple.

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